The Telephone House Neighbours Association, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
The Telephone House Neighbours Association, Royal Tunbridge Wells

"People have a right to determine their future and be involved in deciding how their town or city develops. A clear message from the regeneration initiatives of the last 30 years is that real sustainable change will not be achieved unless local people are in the driving seat. It is not enough to consult people about decisions that will impact on their lives: they must be fully engaged in the process from the start; and everybody must be included."
Urban White Paper - 16.11.2000
The Telephone House Neighbours Association, Royal Tunbridge Wells
The Telephone House Neighbours Association
was founded in 2000

— to influence the re-development of the Telephone House site

— to promote the enhancement and betterment of the area:
    York Road, London Road, Church Road, Mount Pleasant Road,
    in the Town Centre of Royal Tunbridge Wells

In a world that is too timid to express a point of view, where ‘dumbing down’ affects our beloved 'local rag', and where discussion is neutered by political correctness, Telephone House Neighbours stand apart; they bring you entertaining, informative and infuriating news on every subject of their community.
— July 2005, THNA joined RTW Town Forum - Royal Tunbridge Wells Town Forum
a partnership (founded in July 2005) between residents' representatives and ward councillors in the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells, the unparished area of the Borough of Tunbridge Wells, Kent
The Telephone House Neighbours Association, Royal Tunbridge Wells
Membership — Any resident who lives in York Road, Church Road, Inner London Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, can become a member of the Association. It is not intended to include persons who do not reside within the neighbourhood of the Telephone House site.
MAP - Royal Tunbridge Wells town centre
Location map — A map displaying our visions, concerns, appraisals.

The Telephone House Development ended in January 2007.

Were residents and their Councillors right to oppose, respectively refuse it?

Density - Cala Homes' Norfolk Grange and its Social Housing in Tunbridge Wells Rights of Light / Loss of Light - Cala Homes and York Road, Tunbridge Wells
Impact: social flats bathe in the sun — houses in York Road lost this amenity
Commission for Architecture and Built Environment (CABE) in February 2007 reveals: "Consumers in England are getting a raw deal with 82 per cent of new housing built over the last five years failing to measure up on design quality." CABE - Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment - CABE Housing Audits in England during 5 years until 2007
Quota for 106 agreements re: affordable housing

In July 2008 Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Legal Services says:
"There is no restriction on the location of the affordable housing and a developer could offer a different site if the land where permission is granted proves to be unsuitable to include affordable housing.
- However saying that, Tunbridge Wells Council always favours a mix of private and social housing on the same site."

Current Time:
Royal Tunbridge Wells Town Centre, Green Open Space: Trinity Ground and Environs - Trinity Garden and surrounding plots of land
Town Centre Area Action Plan
DPD & Allocation DPD (Development Plan Document) - Questionnaire/Consultation
At the Tunbridge Wells Borough LDF Independent Examination, it was pointed out again to the Planning Inspector that neighbourhood centres need to be protected and enhanced to provide the range of cultural and leisure facilities that were needed ( e.g. Trinity and Environs).
Comments to the Consultation on the Royal Tunbridge Wells Town Centre Area [including Trinity & surrounding open spaces/gardens] Action Plan and Allocations Development Plan Documents - as part of the Borough Council's Core Strategy / Local Development Framework.
At the RTW Town Forum meeting: Master Plan for Royal Tunbridge Wells - RTW Town Centre Area Action Plan: Trinity & Environs -
an essential part of the cultural life of the area, the future of which needs to be secure, together with
its important green setting and
open spaces.
As part of the Local Development Framework / Core Strategy Consultation we re-submit the proposal for the open space and environs of TRINITY and point out the need to identify specific areas which CANNOT be developed.
As part of the Community Plan Consultation we re-submit the proposal for the environments in Church Road / York Road - including Trinity Garden - and ask for the designation of 'Green Open Spaces'.
We ask the Council to make sure that Trinity Ground and surrounding areas will remain an 'Open Space' in the town centre of Royal Tunbridge Wells.
TW-flats / TW Lettings carpark - Adam Knowlson's land opposite No. 8 York Road, RTW
since 23.08.2006
Land opposite No. 8 York Road
What is TWBC Planning officers' strategy?
TW-flats / TW Lettings car park - Adam Knowlson's land opposite No. 8 York Road, RTW
the former Congregational Church was occupied by Habitat for more than 2 decades - since autumn 2007 by Cotswold Outdoors, RTW
opening 30.11.2007
the former Congregational Church was occupied by Habitat for more than 2 decades - since autumn 2007 by Cotswold Outdoors

Gleeds Surveyors, Tunbridge Wells - Trinity House Planning Conditions
since 10.09.2005
Trinity House - Why are Planning Conditions not enforced ....?
Gleeds Surveyors - Trinity House Planning Conditions
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