The Telephone House Neighbours Association, Royal Tunbridge Wells
Spafest - Licensing Application - Common Lower Cricket Ground - 21-23 July 2006
2006 — 400th Anniversary of the town

Spafest Ltd — Licensing Application
Tunbridge Wells Common — Lower Cricket Ground (London Rd / Church Rd)

05.07.2006 — THNA Representation re: Spafest License Application for the Common's LCG

Events planned for 3 days — Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23rd July 2006
The number of people expected to attend the premises at any one time: 4999

Designation of Public Areas for Alcohol Control in Royal Tunbridge Wells - MAP
The area of Common Land (Lower Cricket Ground) bounded by
Castle Road, Church Road and London Road is a designated Alcohol Control Zone.

Tunbridge Wells Common - MAP — Friends of Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Commons

Tunbridge Wells Common - Lower Cricket Ground - Spafest July 2006 - Press: The Courier 2 June and 9 June 2006, Kentish Saturday Observer 1 July 2006

13.07.2006 — Anthony Garnett, TWBC Licensing Manager, informs THNA.
Spafest Ltd — Withdrawal of Application for Premises Licence

Tunbridge Wells Common - Lower Cricket Ground - Spafest July 2006 - Press: The Courier 14 July 2006, Kentish Saturday Observer 15 July 2006, The Courier 7 July 2006

Consultation on Tunbridge Wells Borough Community Plan 2006 - THNA submission 21.06.06
Tunbridge Wells Borough Community Plan Draft Consultation — 15 May-26 June 2006

— Will our input be taken into consideration?

21 June 2006 - Telephone House Neighbours sent in their comments on the Community Plan 2006 concerning mainly the issues in the town centre of Royal Tunbridge Wells.
  • To conserve and enhance the environment
    1. Protect and enhance the natural environment and landscape
    2. Conserve and improve the built envionment including public spaces and particularly local heritage
  • To promote and maintain a thriving and diverse local economy
    1. Enhance attractiveness of the town Royal Tunbridge Wells
  • To ensure that a wide range of high quality and enjoyable leisure opportunities is available.
    1. Encourage people of all ages and abilities to participate in variety of leisure opportunities and activities
    2. Provide appropriate places for people to pursue their leisure interests
  • To ensure that residents and visitors can get to work, school, health and leisure facilities
    1. Reduce traffic congestion and find a strategy to parking policies
  • To meet the housing and related support needs of local people of all ages
    1. Improve the quality of exisiting homes and promote sensitive, innovative design for new homes
  • To encourage social inclusion - Comments 21.06.2006 — It was regretted that we had been refused to view a document, which was quoted as Research and Guidance Material to the Community Plan Draft: 'Recreation and Open Space Study (2006)'.
— Therefore we re-submitted a detailed proposal for the environments surrounding Trinity Theatre and Arts Centre, Church Road / York Road, in the town centre of Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Community Plan 2006 - THNA submission 21.06.06

link to Community Plan - December 2006 TWBC Community Plan 2006 - 2011
December 2006 — Approval and formal adoption of the Community Plan for Tunbridge Wells Borough by Full Council.

Tree Preservation Orders - Trinity House
Felling or looping TPO protected trees in unlawful

— After three planting seasons, still no replacement in sight for an illegally felled Liquid Ambar tree.

Planning officer Antonia James wrote on 26 July 2005: "On 1 June 2005 a letter was sent to Gleeds on behalf of our Tree Officer explaining that it has been brought to our attention that a replacement Liquid Amber tree on the south side of Trinity House had not yet been planted and that pruning work had been carried our last year on a Fig Tree. A letter dated 16 June confirmed that they have requested a replacement Liquid Amber Tree to be planted in the next planting season and they confirmed that the fig tree in the car park was cut back in 2002 to eliminate all overhang to the footpath. They stated that Gleeds has not carried out any further pruning of the fig tree, nor have they requested work to be carried out on their behalf since."

After a further reminder — Gill Crouch, Technical Officer, Conservation & Trees, TWBC, wrote on 28 February 2006:
" I am pleased to inform you that the Tree Surgeons are expecting delivery next week (6 - 10 March 2006). The replacement Liquid Ambar will, therefore, be planted within a couple of weeks (13 - 17 March 2006). "

5 April 2006 — finally — a Parrotia Persica, an ornamental tree grown for its stunning autumn colour, replaces the Sweetgum.

25 July 2006 — the tree had again to be replaced with a Liquidambar styraciflua / Sweetgum at its original location.

Gleeds Surveyors - Trinity House: TPO

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council (TWBC) Tree Preservation Order Review and Re-Survey 2002/2003

Tree Preservation Order (TPO) Surveys
OCA UK Limited undertook the project to tackle the Council's problems that are associated with its historic TPO files, e.g. poor data on trees, changes in land use, incomplete records.
OCA pointed out Trinity Grounds and its surroundings as important town centre landscape. (see pic on their 'report')

Licensing - Restaurant at 99-101 Mt.Pleasant
Licensing — After Burger King (moved out in October 2005), a new owner announced to become a more caring neighbour. However La Tasca pulled out, too. TWBC transferred their License to 'Took Us A Long Time Limited'. "Dim T" opens in July 2006. — Will they stick to La Tasca's promises?

99-101 Mount Pleasant Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells

The Telephone House Neighbours Association - The Telephone House Saga 1999-2005
What was going on ? — during 1999-2005

The Telephone House Debacle, Royal Tunbridge Wells

Improvement in the Town Centre, Royal Tunbridge Wells
Recent Improvements in the Neighbourhood

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