Telephone House Development enters its last phase in 2006.
— Did Royal Tunbridge Wells deserve something better?
We analyse the before and after pictures which were taken during the Telephone House saga.

View from York Road to Trinity Church - before demolition of Telephone House in Jan 2003

The development has its biggest impact on York Road.
An important Open Space and a great Vista are lost.

View from York Road to Trinity Church is covered by CALA Homes Block B and Social Housing Block

This is what you can gaze at now. As a reference note the small bits of Trinity Church tower.

View from Telephone House towards York Road Nos.44-30 - before demolition in January 2003

Even during the winter months the houses opposite Telephone House had enjoyed full sunshine.

York Road - after construction of Cala Homes Block B and Social Housing Block

As predicted, Cala Homes houses sit in their own shadow and block the light from opposite houses.

CALA Homes Block A on Church Road replaces the Telephone House

Carpets are moving in through the windows on the Church Road block.
As the site slowly unveils we continue to compare and prove that town planners were wrong.

Online-Consultation on Local Development Framework (LDF) - Alterations/Extensions
LDF — Alterations and Extensions — Supplementary Planning Document
— Will our input be taken into consideration?

27 February 2006 - Telephone House Neighbours decided to participate in the Alterations / Extensions Consultation Draft to make TWBC once more aware that lessons have to be learnt out of the Telephone House debacle.

This SPD will become a quasi-legal/judicial document but is not really allowed to 'help' or 'advise'.
As the document's implication goes beyond 'Alterations and Extensions' ("Although the document concentrates on residential properties, the principles are also applicable to other buildings and uses in residential areas, which affect existing residential dwellings.") it is too full of assumptions and generalisations. We believe that there is a need for early advice on project-by-project.

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