Archie Norman, Member of Parliament for Tunbridge Wells
The support for the neighbours of Telephone House
"The final plans please no-one: neither local councillors, residents nor the developers."

THNA 01.03.01 - Archie Norman meets neighbours and confirms his support

house of common 05.03.01 - Archie Norman Press Release: Connection made at the Telephone House
" . . . This is unacceptable in a conservation area . . ."

house of common 04.05.01 - Archie Norman speaks at the Public Inquiry - Telephone House
". . . this planning application has probably given rise to more public dissent and anxiety . . . There is precious little support for it amongst local people - I have found none.
It is a sadness that the developer have made so little effort to consult locally and reflect local concerns in their approach, which has been unfeeling, uncompromising and legalistic. The development of Telephone House site, is wrong for the area and gratuitously offensive to local people in small says as well as in totality - it should be rejected."

house of common 09.07.01 - Archie Norman Press Release: Telephone House Appeal


Could the Inspector's decisions have been challenged ?
15.07.01 - Letter of THNA chairman Peter Morse to MP Archie Norman
Would you support our plea to Councillors to remove policy H6(a) from The Local Plan Review Deposit Copy and vote for a decision to appeal against Mr Malcolm Lewis in High Court? - This appeal would need to be filed before 14 August.

house of common

20.08.01 - MP Archie Norman's reply

THNA docs

15.08.01 - Copy of Chief Executive Rodney Stone's correspondence to MP Archie Norman
[the day after the deadline to challenge the Inspector's decisions]
"There seems little doubt that the Inspector did break the relevant procedure rules in dealing with policy H6(a) in the way that he did."

THNA 02.11.01 - Archie Norman meets neighbours to exchange opinions on the current situation
Culture of secrecy at the Town Hall; the Chief Executive's attitude towards residents; arising problems with Policy H6(a)/Telephone House in the Local Plan; negotiations with the developers for a further plan;

The Courier 08.03.02 - The Courier: "Archie, reform the Council"

The Courier 15.03.02 - Archie Norman replies: "Our enemy is complacency"

house of common 12.03.02 - Archie Norman Press Release: A Second Chance for Telephone House ?
"Telephone House is to be sold. This may provide an opportunity for improvement in what has become the most contentious development in Tunbridge Wells for years.
The final plans please no-one: neither local councillors, residents nor the developers."

The Courier 15.11.02 - The Courier: BT house developers asked to think again
MP met with CALA Homes to discuss the controversial proposals

CALA Homes 22.01.2003 - CALA Homes' announcement of starting dates for demolition and construction.
". . . and we have permission to redevelop Telephone House to provide 43 residential apartments on the site".

house of common 14.02.05 - York Road Residents tell Archie: "We want a Clean Town"

Archie Norman Archie Norman - his biography

contents The Telephone House Neighbours Association, Tunbridge Wells
The aims are to heighten peoples' awareness and concern for the high-density development on Telephone House site, Church Road / York Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1.