03.06.02 - Letter to the Health and Safety Executive, Ashford - Barbara Clarke

Barbara Clarke, York Road, Tunbridge Wells

Fao 'Margaret'
Health and Safety Executive
Ashford Office
International House, Dover Place
Ashford, TN23 1HU

3rd June 2002

Dear Margaret,

Re: Demolition of the Telephone House Tunbridge Wells

When I telephoned and spoke to you in May it was because the residents of York Road, Tunbridge Wells, were rather concerned about the way Telephone House is to be demolished; for, we could not get any information from the Council.

Following a Notification from the Building Control Surveyor of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, I, like many other neighbours, wrote to tell him about our concerns. (Enclosed is a copy of my correspondence and his unhelpful reply)

Firstly, Mr Arthur seems to be satisfied having provided the developer with a telephone number which, I am to believe from our conversation, is not directly leading to the Health and Safety Executive in Ashford. You had told me that you were in contact with the case officer Ruth Chambers. Do you think that Mrs Chambers has had any contact with the Building Control Surveyor, and passed on your information?

Secondly, as you will see from my letter, I wanted information about what was removed sometime in February from the building. I find it outrageous that Mr Arthur refers me to CALA Homes, (who were not even the owners of the building at the time), to find out what was removed from the site. For your information I enclose correspondence of the Telephone House Neighbours Association, which was left unanswered. You told me that an Inspector had now been appointed; you phoned me to confirm that he is there to "dot the iís and cross the tís". I understood that to mean that those responsible for the demolition would have to abide strictly to the rules. Will, therefore, the Inspector enquire what was removed from the site?

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council appears to be relinquishing all responsibility on the removal of hazardous material. This would be contrary to what you have told me. Will you be able to assure me that the rules which are in place will be enforced?

I look forward to hearing from you

Yours sincerely
Barbara Clarke

Is CALA Homes really going ahead with THAT scheme?

What was removed from Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells, in February 2002?