Whom are we dealing with ?

The developers of Telephone House, Church Road / York Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1, Kent

CALA Homes
took over in April 2002 Crest Nicholson Plc and British Telecom's (Southgate Developments)
controversial planning permission for the high density development of Telephone House in Tunbridge Wells

CALA Homes prospective buyers will ultimately encounter the same problems as the residents
i.e. lack of privacy, lack of sunlight/daylight, lack of amenities, insufficient parking, outdated infrastructure, living in high density.
Therefore, there is a risk that the CALA Homes development, Church Road / York Road, Tunbridge Wells, will be unsustainable.

Cala Homes and the House Builders Federation 22.08.2004 - Was the House Builders Federation asked to help CALA Homes' PR by calling for the "kill off" of NIMBYs in Tunbridge Wells ?

CALA Homes advertising campaign 2004 20.07.2004 - Are CALA Homes' sales techniques a sign of desperation ?

CALA Homes advertising campaign 2003 12.09.2003 - AreCALA Homes "regenerating" the Pantiles Area in Tunbridge Wells, too ?

CALA Homes' Telephonehouse Estate in Tunbridge Wells, selling as Norfolk Grange 31.07.2003 - NORFOLK GRANGE - the Telephone House site in Church Road Tunbridge Wells - has been baptised

CALA Homes July 2003 - CALA Homes, stage directors of "The Development of The Telephone House Estate, Tunbridge Wells" – ( "The Comedy of Errors" ),
in need to prop up up their public image in Tunbridge Wells ?

TWBC April 2003 - What is the nature of the negotiations between TWBC and Crest Nicholson?
What can possibly be demanded and what is offered?

THNA March 2003 - In what way do CALA Homes and residents of Tunbridge Wells views differ ?
What do CALA Homes want to build ? - What do Tunbridge Wells and the Telephone House Neighbours want to see ?

How do CALA Homes defend what is known to their directors as "hot potato and rotten apple" ?

layout design February 2003 - The footprint / layout of the proposed blocks of flats:
CALA Homes took over BT/Crest Nicholson's controversial planning permission for the high density development of Telephone House in Tunbridge Wells of which "the final plans please no-one"

THNA 19.02.2003 - Complaints about breach of Scheme of Works
Construction Director Malcolm Baker:
CALA Homes "do not believe that they have been in breach of the Scheme of Works."
26.02.2003 - Noise and Pollution
THNA: "it would appear that you have received statements from officials, that they are "very happy" with the way the work is being carried out. However we can assure you that the residents are far from happy.

CALA Homes 27.01.2003 - CALA Homes move in - start of the demolition of Telephone House

CALA Homes 01.01.2003 - Profile: CALA Group Ltd - Liaisons
Little was known to the Telephone House Neighbours when the name CALA Homes Ltd appeared on stage in April 2002.
Now we know more about CALA Group and its Executives. We know more about their financial links and their connections. We know about opposition to their various developments.

CALA Homes 10.12.2002 - Is anyone else opposing CALA Homes' developments ?
The Telephone House neighbours scanned the Internet and were confronted with a lot of 'deja vue'.

CALA Homes 21.11.2002 - CALA Homes go into confrontation
CALA Homes should now take the opportunity to revise Crest's plans .... Have you contacted Cllr Roy Bullock to find out how a revised scheme could be achieved with the support of officers and councillors?
"I have not contacted Councillor Roy Bullock to discuss the revised scheme for the site at Telephone House. This is due to the fact that the current scheme, as approved has ever increasing merit in town planning terms .... I apologise if I was in any way misleading during my previous conversations with you and Councillor Bullock but we are proceeding with the design ...."

CALA Homes 09.07.2002 - CALA Executive Chairman Geoff Ball's statement on BBC Panorama clashes with CALA's reluctance to take up an offer made by Councillors to Arthur Mann during a meeting in Tunbridge Wells.

THNA 09.05.2002 - Telephone House Development - Environmental Issues
CALA Homes:
".... we will do everything within our powers once we purchase the site on the 30th April 2002 to ensure that the site is properly secured and of course safe."
THNA: The site remains exposed to anti-social behaviour; we look at its further deterioration and as you know, there is always the possibility of accidents in such an environment.

architect 12.04.2002 - The Architects:
Arthur Mann of CALA Homes confirms that Trevor Sutters Partnership, London, will continue to work for the project he had drawn for Crest Nicholson Plc and BT's subsiduary Southgate Developments Ltd
The final plans please no-one - neither local councillors, residents nor the developers.

CALA Homes 12.04.2002 - CALA Homes meet the Telephone House Neighbours Association and Councillors.
The meeting is presided by Archie Norman, MP for Tunbridge Wells
THNA 12.04.2002 - Notes from the meeting (amp&; TWBC councillors’ letters to pave the way for further discussions with planning officers)
Peter Morse, chairman of THNA, said that he is hopeful, because CALA Homes want to engage in a dialogue and it will be in the interest of all parties if CALA Homes see the possibility to review the plans which nobody in Tunbridge Wells finds acceptable

THNA 30.04.2002 - Response to CALA's letter 22.04.02
As you know plans may be modified and at our meeting Councillor Roy Bullock offered to arrange a meeting between you, residents, Councillors and Council officers. This must surely be worthwhile. If you can be assured that a sympathetic development along the lines mentioned will be supported by Councillors and accepted by officers, we do sincerely believe that there would be greater profit for CALA and greater happiness in Tunbridge Wells

press 15.03.02 - Crest Nicholson's managing director Peter Bowden has told Mr Norman, MP, that following a "commercial review" Telephone House would be sold.
Archie Norman: It was the "last major development opportunity" in the town centre and in the midst of a Conservation Area:
"The final plans please no-one - neither local councillors, residents nor the developers."

Telereal 14.03.02 repost of 06.02.02 - Letter from Telereal, clarifying the ownership of Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells.
Crest Homes now own this site (as of November 2001).

Interestingly - Telereal, who bought the entire BT property portfolio did NOT acquire Telephone House from Southgate Developments (a BT subsiduary)

THNA 12.03.02 - Letter to Southgate Developments Ltd, subsiduary of BT
It would be much appreciated if you would inform us if an environmental survey has been carried out, and if so, please forward us a copy.

THNA 31.01.02 - Letter to Southgate Developments Ltd, subsiduary of BT
Unfortunately a year has passed and the site left to deteriorate still further.

BT 18.01.01 - The promise of Southgate Devlopments, which did not materialise
. . . the site will remain vacant for at least the next 6 months and we will do all that we can to ensure that the site is kept in a safe and tidy condition

THNA 04.01.01 - Letter to the Landowner Southgate Developments Ltd, subsiduary of BT
The site has been left to deteriorate for the last 2 years and is used as a base for fly tipping. Unfortunately our Council does not seem to have the resources to tackle the problem efficiently, so that we have to rely on an appeal to one of the most respected companies of the UK to clean up their act

BT December 2000 - The Telephone House site is left to deteriorate by BT within the Conservation Area

THNA October 2000 - The 2nd joint Planning Application for the Development of Telephone House - Crest Nicholson Plc's Crest Homes South East Ltd and BT's subsiduary Southgate Developments Ltd

layout design July 2000 - The footprint / layout of the proposed blocks of flats in comparison:
present Telephone House - 1st and 2nd planning applications submitted by Crest Homes (South East) Ltd and Southgate Developments Ltd

Crest Nicholson 19.01.00 - The 1st Planning Application - Crest Homes / Southgate Developments
Letter from Crest Homes (South East) Ken Munday
. . . and hope that our combined efforts can create a scheme of which we are all both pleased and proud

Works in Progress Is CALA Homes really going ahead with THAT scheme?

density DENSITY - Cramming ? Lifestyle ?
The high density development of Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells

contents The Telephone House Neighbours Association informs on CALA Homes (South) Development:
CALA Group acquired the controversial planning permission for the high density development of Telephone House site, Church Road / York Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1.