23.05.2001 - The official Minutes of the extrordinary Council Meeting - LOCAL PLAN

The minutes are certainly not very detailed and leave out relevant points, such as questions of Councillors and answers of officers.


Minutes of an extraordinary meeting of the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council duly convened and held at the Town Hall, Royal Tunbridge Wells, at 6.15 pm on Wednesday 23 May 2001.

The Mayor (Councillor Howell) (in the Chair)
Councillors Baker (A), Baker (J), Miss Barber-Hughes, Mrs Blackburn, Boddy, Booth, Bulman, Carvell, Mrs Catt, Clary, Cload, Cunningham, Ealden, Ekins-Daukes, Harrison, Horwood, Jolley, Mrs Lewis, Lynes, Mrs Mayhew, Mills, Neve, Noakes, Oliver-Smith, Ollive, Patterson, Mrs Paulson-Ellis, Poile, Rusbridge, Wakefield, Waldock, Ward, Weeden and Young.

IN ATTENDANCE: The Chief Executive, Mr R J Stone

10/01 The Chief Executive reported apologies for absence from Councillors
Ballantine, Bullock, Davies, Jukes, Lockhart, Morton, Price, Scholes, Veitch


11/01 It was moved and seconded - That, so far as the same may require approval, the report of the joint Central Board and Operational Services Board, dated 10 May 2001, be approved.

As part of the presentation made of members in respect to Minute 311/00 (Tunbridge Wells Borough Local Plan Review - Deposit Copy), the Director of Operational Services [ John Haynes ] had tabled copies of correspondence received from two residents groups relating to Telephone House; he explained the relevance of the issues raised in the context of the Local Plan Deposit Copy.

An amendment was proposed and seconded - That the following additional wording be added, at the beginning of Minute 311/00, recommendation (1):
(1) That, notwithstanding the objections expressed by some members relating to individual parts of he document, . . . . . . .
Amendment Lost - Original Motion carried

On being put to the vote, it was requisitioned by a member of the Council that the voting on the motion to approve the recomendations as set out under Minute 311/00 be recorded.

Members voting for the motion:
Councillors Baker A., Baker J., Miss Barber-Hughes, Booth, Cload, Cunningham, Ealden, Ekins-Daukes, Harrison, Horwood, Mrs Lewis, Lynes, Mrs Mayhew, Noakes, Oliver-Smith, Patterson, Mrs Paulson-Ellis, Poile, Rusbridge, Wakefield, Waldock, Ward, Weeden, Young.

Members voting against the motion:
Councillors Mrs Blackburn, Boddy, Carvell, Mrs Catt, Clary

Members abstaining:
The Mayor (Councillor Howell), Cllrs Bulman, Jolley, Mills, Neve, Ollive

(Note: In accordance with Standing Order 18 Councillor Mills asked that it be recorded in the Minutes that he abstained from voting on the recommendations set out under Minute 312/00 - the Draft Tunbridge Wells Borough Transport Strategy.)


"the motion" = the Local Plan, Tunbridge Wells

Members of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, who voted against the Telephone House development on 18.10.2000:
Councillors = Members of Western Area Planning Committee

Members of the Culverden Ward, who spoke at the Public Inquiry 1.5.2001 against the Telephone House development:
Cllrs Price, Lynes, Wakefield

Prior to voting the Local Plan Review into the status of material consideration,
the Telephone House Neighbours Association informed all 48 Councillors
of the consequences to accept Policy H6(a) and requested to dismiss it.

Bizarrely, Policy H6(a) allocated for Telephone House was identical to the two refused planning applications for the Telephone House development.
[1st: refused at delegated officers' level - 2nd: refused by the Councillors of the Western Area Planning Committee].
Policy H6(a) is the most controversial document, produced by the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, leading to the Telephone House Debacle.