Postcard - Tunbridge Wells - Holy Trinity Church as a landmark

Holy Trinity church - Tunbridge Wells. A postcard from around the late 19th century is showing Holy Trinity church as a landmark, and we would suggest that this view presents a more harmonious setting than the computer-aided drawing produced in the appendix to Architect Sutters’ report.
As depicted by this original photograph, the Church Road "Dorset" residences and Devonshire Place to the west of Holy Trinity church still maintained their roof line in the late 19th century.
Whilst the London Road residences seen in the foreground also maintain their skyline today, we are currently presented with the opportunity to restore that of Church Road in replacing the incongruous Telephone House slab block with a skyline congruous with an environment dating back to the 18th century.

February 2003 - Demolition of Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells
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Public Inquiry May 2001 : Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells
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