06.03.2002 - Letter to Cllr Mrs Paulson-Ellis, Chairman of Western Area Planning Committee

Note: The Planning application for the development of Telephone House site was refused by the Western Area Planning Committee in October 2000.

37 Church Road
Royal Tunbridge Wells

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Cllr Mrs Paulson-Ellis
Chairman of Western Area Planning Committee
Town Hall, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1RS

6 March 2002

Dear Cllr Mrs Paulson-Ellis


We are grateful to you for your answer to the question which we put to you about Policy H6(a) at the Council Meeting on 26 February.

We do appreciate that the planning permission attaches to the site and not the applicant.

However, in the light of the wide adverse publicity, the economic situation and well-known views held by Councillors, neighbours and residents (by almost everyone except a few officers) against the present planning consent, Crest Nicholson or any other developer might decide it may not be financially viable for them to go ahead.

Alternatively, the developers might merely wish to convert the existing building which no one wants.

A second alternative would be to submit a fresh, or amended, application for say 25 units, retaining the York Road trees, and with an entrance from Church Road. This would be supported by almost everyone with the exception of the usual few officers. We wonder whether this is now in fact Crest’s preferred choice.

Nothing has happened on the site since last July [ 2001 ] and we believe that Crest may be waiting to see what happens to Policy H6(a). If Policy H6(a), which is inconsistent with the decision of the WAPC in October 2000, is excised once and for all from the Local Plan it is far more likely that Crest or any other developer will put in a new application.

We trust you appreciate the vital importance of removing Policy H6(a) from the Local Plan Deposit Copy. May we rely upon you as Chairman of the WAPC to do all in your power to have it removed?

We enclose our formal objection and proposed amendments to Policy H6(a) for your information.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely
Annemarie Topliss

2000 - The footprint / layout of the proposed blocks of flats in comparison:
present Telephone House - 1st and 2nd planning applications for the Telephone House Development

Bizarrely, Policy H6(a) allocated for Telephone House was identical to the two refused planning applications for the Telephone House development.
[1st: refused at delegated officers' level - 2nd: refused by the Councillors of the Western Area Planning Committee].
Policy H6(a) is the most controversial document, produced by the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, leading to the Telephone House Debacle.