05.06.02 - Letter to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council - Environmental Protection Team

37 Church Road
Royal Tunbridge Wells

e-mail: telephonehouse@cs.com
internet: http://uk.geocities.com/telephonehouse

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
FAO Duncan Haynes, Esq
Environmental Services
Town Hall, Royal Tunbridge Wells


Dear Mr Haynes

Telephone House Development - Environmental Issues

With regard to your reply of 5th June to my letter of 9th May 2002, how can you have failed to give us adequate and accurate answers to all the letters and e-mails that we have sent to you.

In view of the sensitivity of this matter we need a written statement from your department covering the following issues:

  1. What was the nature of the material removed from the site in February 2002 ?
    According to CALA Homes, TWBC regards the building as unsafe.
    What steps have you taken since then to ensure the safety and security of the site ?
  2. Has CALA’s Health and Safety Plan now been altered ? If so, in what way ?
    Kindly supply a copy.
  3. When a draft scheme of works is established for the demolition of the building, please supply us with full details. At that stage we consider that a consultation with residents would be in order.

Yours sincerely
Katherine Quinnell

cc: e-mail: Arthur Mann, CALA Homes (South)

07.06.02 - REPLY: Ms Karin N Fankhauser, Environmental Protection and Licensing Manager, TWBC
Environmental and Housing Services
Stephen Collins - Head of Environmental and Housing Services

Dear Ms Quinnell

Telephone House Development

I write with reference to your letter received 7 June 2002, concerning the above site. Mr Haynes Is currently out of the Office and will not be available until 19 June 2002. I will ask Mr Haynes to contact you on his return.

In the meantime I have passed a copy of your letter to the Planning Department for their attention. As I understand the draft scheme of works in relation to the demolition, is subject to planning and hence Planning would be the relevant Department to deal with this matter. Environmental Health is being consulted and is advising both Planning and the Developer accordingly. Demolition and Construction works will be reviewed once work commences on site. However, this Service are not supervisors of the site, such responsibility rests with the Developer.

Any complaints of an environmental health nature and within our jurisdiction that are received, with regards to problems experienced on the site, will be investigated.

With regards to health and safety enforcement, responsibility rests entirely with the Health and Safety Executive. The local authority has no jurisdiction. Therefore, such matters as asbestos removal etc. come under the control of the Health and Safety Executive.

Equally, this Service has no legal jurisdiction to ensure the safety and security of the site. However, should this Service have any such concerns, these would be passed on to the Developer and the Health and Safety Executive. Planning will also have some interest in this issue and again I would direct you to the Planning Department for relevant information.

In relation to the CALA's Health and Safety Plan this Service does not hold copies for supply and I would direct your enquiry to CALA Homes South. Equally, Planning may be able to assist.

With regards to "materials moved off site in February 2002" as stated by you, I will ask Mr Haynes to review this issue and advice you accordingly.

CALA Homes, Arthur Mann wrote on 10th June 2002:
"I did pass your earlier concern on to our Development Team who were going to investigate the matter further."

What was removed from Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells, in February 2002?

Is CALA Homes really going ahead with THAT scheme?