21.12.02 - Letter to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Planning and Building Control Services

37 Church Road
Royal Tunbridge Wells

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Nigel Eveleigh, Esq
Head of Planning and Building Control Services
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Town Hall, Royal Tunbridge Wells

21 December 2002

Dear Mr Eveleigh

TW/02/02801 - Telephone House Development - Cala Homes' 3rd Scheme of Works

21 December 2002

We have read the third revision of CALA Homes' Scheme of Works and found that many of our concerns with previous submissions have been addressed.

We do, however, wish to draw attention to Para X (page 3):
- The statements contained in this Report are made on the best information available at the time of publication. If changes are required to deliver this scheme, they will be discussed in advance with the Local Planning Authority with written submissions requesting amendments to the Scheme of Works to be agreed with the Local Planning Authority before any alterations to this Scheme of Works is undertaken.

and hope that the phrasing of this does not imply a reversal of CALA's good intentions. You will understand that we would wish to be informed of any submissions by CALA Homes to you requesting amendments to this Scheme of Works.

There is also still some concern with regard to Para 2.11 (page 6), Plant & Equipment used during Demolition Phrase
- The plant and equipment that will be used during the demolition phase are listed below and appendix 1 provides pictorial details of the equipment.
2 x JCB 165 Skid steer robots 3 tonnes
60 tonne high reach excavator
40 tonne 360 excavator
2 x 30 tonne excavator
1 x 20 tonne excavator
40 yds roll on/roll off (RO-RO) contractor skips 1-7 empty, 10 tonnes full
Oasis welfare/office unit
Parker RT1165 crusher 55 tonne
Concrete breakers - (to be used with excavators)
Shears - (to be used with excavators)
Winches - (to be used with excavators)
Scissors lift for workers height over 2000 Mobile working platform Tele-handler'
Additional equipment (over and above that already used during demo phase) to be used during construction and excavation phase is:
18m2 rigid 8 wheel lorries - various
Luffing jib crane
Mobile Crane

as it clearly indicates that extremely heavy loads will come through this passage. May we have a guarantee that measures (eg bollards, sleepers in kerbs) will be taken to prevent vehicles coming too close to the pavement, thus endangering cellars?

Certainly Landscaping falls within construction sequence Para 3.1 (page 8)
- Landscaping will be completed within the above timescales and in line with the approved landscaping plan.

Would it not be justified to remind CALA Homes that an acceptance of the 3rd revision of the Scheme of Works will only be possible after an adequate solution is found for the Landscaping Scheme, affecting a vital part of the Conservation Area.

CALA wrote in their 2nd Scheme Para III (page 2):
- CALA is very conscious that residents would prefer that the development as proposed does not take place for a variety of reasons including the effect on their amenities during the construction process and the Council's original view that there should be no construction traffic using York Road.

With the third Scheme they prove themselves partially wrong. Neighbours and many residents of Tunbridge Wells probably will never come to terms with the development as such, but the third Scheme of Works, provided that CALA Homes withdraw their appeal to the Inspectorate, is acceptable in principle.

Sincerely yours,
Annemarie Topliss
The Telephone House Neighbours Association

Is CALA Homes really going ahead with THAT scheme?

Whom are we dealing with? - The developers of Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells