27.10.02 - Letter to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Planning and Building Control Services

37 Church Road
Royal Tunbridge Wells

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Nigel Eveleigh, Esq
Head of Planning and Building Control Services
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Town Hall
Royal Tunbridge Wells

27 October 2002

Dear Mr Eveleigh

Telephone House - Cala Homes' Scheme of Works 2

Thank you for advising us of the second Scheme of Works submitted by CALA Homes.

Our main points of concern are:
This is caused by the developer's desire to construct simultaneously and not consecutively, and merely in the interest of maximising their profits.

The proportion of deliveries via York Road still seems to be very high and this document gives no indication of the intensity of delivery activity at any one time. Everything is open ended adn the whole document is written in such a way as to allow CALA Hoomes to do whatever they find convenient and still be able to say they stayed within the rules.

We have requested a definition from CALA Homes of what tonnage their definition of heavy, medium and light traffic involved as well as a proper definition of the number of load movements per day where quoted, but have not recieved an answer. For better clarification of the impact of planned movements of construction deliveries and waste removals on York Road we attach a copy of our movements analysis which clearly shows the proposition of far too many heavy loads, not properly defined by weight or number.

There should be a prohibition on the use of a mobile crane off site in York Road, and unloading should all take place on site only. In order to minimise the disturbance factor of this major construction for York Road residents, the condstruction needs to start from York Road with Block D and B, progressing through Block C to Block A on Church Road, with construction traffic having entry to and egress from Church Road. By applying this north to south construction progression the amenities of York Road residents would be respected.

As you will be aware Telephone House has an ample forecourt which should be used for the luff crane to unload vehicles on the Church Road forecourt, and if one luff crane is not sufficient a second one shoudl be use. These two could easily unload deliveries for the entire site. This would prevent excessive use of York Road and possible damage to their buildings' foundations and cellars under the road.

The construction traffic arrangements through York Road (including movement of a mobile crane) are definitely not in the interest of the public.

What steps have been taken by now to chek that areas and cellars of properties either side of York Road will be safe during delivery operations?

The ability of CALA Homes to prevent their employees or visitors form parking on street is negligilbe and this should be recognised by TWBC. The restriction of parking to permit holders only whilst construction is in progress would be the only way to prevent the local area from being swamped by vans and cars from the site.

As the scheme is currently drawn up, the degree of inconvenience and disturbance to local residents is going to be enormous and, given the length of time the construction is expected to take, unreasonably so.

As it stands, this Scheme of Works is unacceptable to the Association. Would you please refuse it.

Yours sincerely

Annemarie Topliss
For The Telephone House Neighbours Assocation

On another matter, we trust that you will consult residents on the proposed landscaping as it will obviously impact on our amenities.

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