Loss of Light - Letter to Crest Homes’ surveyors - Telephone House Development

Katherine Quinnell, 32 York Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1JY

Ian Absolon - Schatunowski Brooks, London W1P 7AE

6 November 1999

Dear Mr. Absolon,

Thank you for your letter of 22 October 1999.

The proposed block of flats immediately opposite this property, would indeed result in a loss of light that is very serious for me.

My solicitor has advised me to seek the services of a specialist surveyor in this matter. In the circumstances I would like to know if your clients would be prepared to settle the costs of his services.

Presumably copies of the plans of the proposed development of the BT site shown to us at our meeting on Tuesday 19 of this month (November 1999), will soon be forthcoming as promised.

I await your reply with interest.
Yours sincerely

The rights of light and loss of light issue

The Telephone House Neighbours Association, Tunbridge Wells
The aims are to heighten peoples' awareness and concern for the development on Telephone House site, Church Road/York Road, Tunbridge Wells.