Proposed Redevelopment of Telephone House site York Road / Church Road, Tunbridge Wells
- Letter (1) from Crest Homes’ surveyors

SCHATUNOWSKI BROOKS - Chartered Building Surveyors
London W1P 7AE

The Owner - York Road

8 October 1999

British Telecom Site, York Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

I act on behalf of Crest Homes who are proposing to redevelop the car park site opposite your property in York Road, this is proposed to be with two blocks of residential units both three stories high. I would welcome the opportunity of discussing the scheme with you and any concerns that you may have about it.

If you are tenants or leaseholders I would be grateful if you could give me a contact for your landlord.

In the first instance I would be very grateful if you could contact me at the above address and we could perhaps arrange to meet.

Yours sincerely

For: Schatunowski Brooks
Ian Absolon

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