Loss of Light - Letter (2) from Crest Homes’ surveyors - Telephone House Development

SCHATUNOWSKI BROOKS - Chartered Building Surveyors
London W1P 7AE

Mrs. K. Quinnell
32 York Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1JY

22 October 1999

Dear Mrs. Quinnell

32 York Road and BT Development Site

It was a pleasure to met you the other day and to note your concerns with regard to the scheme. I have written to my clients and informed them of the various comments that were made.

My particular area of expertise is in fact light which we did not get the chance to discuss extensively at our meeting.

We recognise that there will be a loss of light to your property and my clients are prepared and indeed of course willing to compensate you for the loss.

I would be grateful if you could perhaps give me a call to discuss this so I can try and push matters forward.

Many thanks

Yours sincerely

For: Schatunowski Brooks
Ian Absolon

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