Letter to Planning Department, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Proposed Development to the BT site in York Road / Church Road

Katherine Quinnell, 32 York Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1JY

TWBC - Planning Department, Town Hall, Tunbridge Wells

1 November 1999

Dear Sir/Madam,

On Friday 15 October last, I called in to the Planning Dept. to query a letter that I had received from a firm of chartered surveyors in London, concerning a proposed development to the BT site in York Road (and Church Road).

Nothing was known of this in the department, at that site. However, my neighbours and I have since had a meeting with Mr. Ian Absolon representing Schatunowski Brooks, for Crest Homes.

It seems that they are proposing to build 3 blocks of flats in all, 2 immediately opposite, facing York Road (3 storey high), and a further block to replace the BT building, which is to be demolished. This creates 38 flats in all - access only from York Road.

We would like to know the procedure, should planning permission be sought. Presumably all those in the area, who would be affected by such a development, will be notified and given the opportunity to express their views and opinions. Also that objections will be given serious considerations.

Your sincerely
Katherine Quinnell

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