Response from Principal Planning Officer: Mark Berry, TWBC
Possible Redevelopment

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council - Planning & Building Control Services
Town Hall Tunbridge Wells TN1 1RS

Mrs. K . Quinnell
32 York Road, Tunbridge Wells TN1 1JY

25 November 1999

Sincordia House (British Telecom) Church Road Royal Tunbridge Wells - Proposed Redevelopment

I refer to your letter dated 1 November 1999 regarding the possible redevelopment of the above mentioned site. Whilst I cannot confirm or deny what you say about the possible redevelopment of the site I am at liberty to explain the planning application process in the event that an application is made for redevelopment.

I enclose, for your reference, a copy of our guidance leaflet entitled "Making Your Opinion Count". This sets out the parameters relating to this authority's consultation of members of the public on planning matters. It is our normal practice to consult those neighbours which are most likely to be immediately effected by a proposed development. in this case that is likely to include all those properties which are adjacent to, or opposite the site on York Road and Church Road. Consultation letters would be sent out to the occupants of these properties, a site notice would be posted on the site and the planning application would be advertised in the Tunbridge Wells Courier.

If, having read the enclosed leaflet, you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on the above extension.

Yours sincerely
Mark Berry
Principal Planning Officer
Area Team Leader

The valid date for the planning application was: 2 December 1999
- 5 working days later after this letter was written.

TWBC Planning Department sent out letters to properties adjacent or opposite on 10 December 1999.
A Public Notice was not posted on York Road.

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