Traffic and Parking in the neighbourhood of Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells

Department for Transport - A New Deal for Transport: Better for Everyone
"Many of our towns and cities face significant levels of congestion and pollution which place a burden on business and result in a poor quality of life for people who live and work there."

traffic situations Traffic situations - Interactive Map of the area surrounding the Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells
Telephone House Neighbours Association produced this study to explain, why residential York Road, Tunbridge Wells cannot cope with with yet more traffic and parking problems

parking Parking - Parking spaces in the vicinity of the Telephone House Development, Tunbridge Wells
A close look at this location map around the Telephone House Development reveals that large areas of former green spaces are tarmaced and serve as car parks.

letter 17.11.2000 - Letter to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, James Whitehorn, Highway Manager
So far there are no guarantees that residents and visitors to the proposed re-development will drive their vehicles to where the Highway Manager wants them.
TWBC 30.11.2000 - Response from TWBC - Kent Highways, Nick Baldwin, Senior Engineer
"The intention, as far as I am aware, was for all heavy demolition/construction traffic to be excluded completely from York Road."

letter 24.11.2000 - Letter to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Nigel Eveleigh, Head of Planning and Building Control Services
In anticipation of the two re-developments in Church Road, ie the Cinema block and Telephone House, I feel it would be appropriate for the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council to carry out a study of the traffic flow in this centre part of town and detail it in a report.
TWBC 06.04.2001 (after 5 months) - Response from TWBC - Head of Planning, Nigel Eveleigh
"The Borough Council is not in a position to commission further studies at this stage."

letter 14.12.2000 - Letter to Tunbridge Wells Highway Unit, Nick Baldwin, Senior Engineer
Apart from the reassuring comment, that demolition/construction traffic on the Telephone House site should be excluded completely from York Road your views on the parking situation and traffic differ from the residentsís views
TWBC 11.01.2001 - Response from TWBC - Kent Highways, Nick Baldwin, Senior Engineer
"Your request to be more fully involved in the process is best addressed to the Planning Authority, however, since as you will see from my comments, I too am merely a consultee."

letter 19.08.2002 - Letter to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Transportation amp&; Highways Services Manager, Chris Briggs
. . . the developer [CALA Homes] advised us that there is a possibility of using [instead of a mobile crane in York Road] the luff crane on site to unload from the vehicles, but this would disrupt the workflow.
We believe that it is neither a sufficient reason nor in the public interest to propose closing York Road.
TWBC 21.08.2002 - Response from TWBC Highways - Chris Briggs, Highways amp&; Transportation Services
TWBC 05.09.2002 - Response from Kent Highways/Tunbridge Wells Highway Unit - R A Smart, Senior Traffic Engineer
"Temporary Traffic orders for closure: there is no right for the public to object to any temporary order."

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