Work in Progress
at Telephone House, Church Road / York Road, Tunbridge Wells ?

Had Arthur Mann, Land/Planning Director of CALA Homes not listened?
Will any of the known problems pointed out over and over again, just be ignored?

As the Telephone House Debacle opens a new chapter in April 2002, residents continue to struggle with Town Hall Bureaucracy and relentless Planners.
January 2003 - the Telephone House Saga opens yet another chapter :
CALA Homes insist on implementing the planning consent for the high density development on Telephone House site, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Construction 20.06.2003 - CONSTRUCTION - The Telephone House Estate, Church Road / York Road, Tunbridge Wells

Works in Progress 23.05.2003 - Is CALA Homes really going ahead with THAT scheme?
The uncompromising execution of the most controversial planning consent of Tunbridge Wells' recent history is now carried out by
CALA Homes.

CALA Homes This is yet another Scheme of Works. - CALA Homes 5th attempt to produce a Scheme of Works.
- How could CALA Homes have failed to get it right the first time?
07.05.2003 - TWBC announces CALA Homessubmission of REVISIONS / AMENDMENTS to the approved Scheme of Works

CALA Homes 06.05.2003 - CALA Homes intend to commence with site set up and construction phase of the Telephone House development, Tunbridge Wells

CALA Homes April 2003 - How do CALA Homes defend what is known to their directors as "hot potato and rotten apple" ?

TWBC 03.04.2003 - TWBC announces APPROVAL of CALA Homes' hard and soft Landscaping details (Condition 11 of Inspector's Appeal Decision)
York Road: the replacement for the 10 felled trees, including four 21 year old mature Sorbus Aria, will be four Sorbus Aucuparia.

Excarvation 27.01.2003 - CALA Homes move in - start of the DEMOLITION of Telephone House

Historic Views 25.01.2003 - Impact on amenities and settings to be lost in York Road and in the Tunbridge Wells town centre

CALA Homes 22.01. and 16.01.2003 - CALA Homes' announcement of starting dates for demolition and construction.
Somes of CALA Homes' phrasing is interpreted by residents as confrontational and sarcastic:
". . . and have permission to redevelop Telephone House to provide 43 residential apartments on the site".
"Our demolition contractor and our staff are aware of your concerns with regard to this development, especially to traffic access and egress and the delivery of construction materials and plant."

TWBC 09.01.2003 - TWBC announces APPEAL WITHDRAWAL of CALA Homes' SECOND Scheme of Works (Condition 15 of Inspector's Appeal Decision, 1 July 2001)

TWBC 24.12.2002 - TWBC announces APPROVAL of CALA Homes' THIRD Scheme of Works (Condition 15 of Inspector's Appeal Decision) and Boundary Treatment (Condition 3 of Inspector's Appeal Decision)

Xmas2002 23.12.2002 - CALA's spirit of Christmas . . . setting the pace for 2003
. . . CALA want to drink mulled wine with prospective buyers in Chislehurst . . .
. . . to the Telephone House Neighbours they serve another Planning Inspectorate Appeal . . . (2nd Scheme of Works)

THNA 21.12.2002 - THNA Representation to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Planning and Building Control Services regarding CALA Homes' REVISED (THIRD) Scheme of Works
Neighbours and many residents of Tunbridge Wells probably will never come to terms with the development as such, but the third Scheme of Works, provided that CALA Homes withdraw their appeal to the Inspectorate, is acceptable in principle.

THNA 04.12.2002 - THNA Statement of Case to the Planning Inspectorate regarding the appeal by CALA Homes versus Tunbridge Wells Borough Council (re: FIRST Scheme of Works)
. . . draw into question the reliability of CALA Homes to adhere to any scheme of works they present

TWBC 02.12.2002 - TWBC announces CALA Homes' submission of the THIRD Scheme of Works (submitted 25.11.02)
The 2nd revised proposed Scheme of Works (submitted 09.10.2002) was refused on the same day 25.11.02

CALA Homes 25.11.2002 - CALA HOMES' Revised - THIRD Scheme of Works for the Demolition and Construction of Telephone House site, Royal Tunbridge Wells

letter 20.11.2002 - Resident's letter to TWBC - Planning and Building Control (copied to Geoff Ball, Executive Chairman, CALA Group Ltd)
York Road has no less than four times been awarded "BEST ROAD IN TUNBRIDGE WELLS" in the "Tunbridge Wells in Bloom" competition . . . . .

THNA 20.11.2002 - THNA Representation to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Planning and Building Control Services regarding CALA Homes' REVISED Planning Application Details: LANDSCAPING - pursuant to condition 11 of the Inspector's Appeal Decision
Our main concerns are: the removal of amenity trees on York Road, the failure to preserve or enhance the Conservation Area and the lack of planting of mature trees in Church Road, having formed part of drawings submitted to the Public Inquiry in 2001.

TWBC 05.11.2002 - TWBC announces CALA Homes' NOTIFICATION OF APPEAL against refusal of the original / FIRST Scheme of Works (submitted 24.07.02 - refused 09.09.02))
The next revised proposed Scheme of Works, which was submitted on 09 Oct 2002 in accordance with condition 15 of the Inspector's Appeal Decision, is still being considered by TWBC

THNA 27.10.2002 - THNA Representation to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Planning and Building Control Services regarding CALA Homes' REVISED (SECOND) Scheme of Works
As the Scheme of Works is currently drawn up, the degree of inconvenience and disturbance to local residents is going to be enormous and, given the length of time the construction is expected to take, unreasonably so. As it stands, this Scheme of Works is unacceptable to the Telephone House Neigbours Association.

letter October 2002 - Residents' letters to TWBC - Planning and Building Control Services
Residents find it difficult to come to terms with CALA Homes' total disrespect for their amenities during the Demolition and Construction Phase.
Most think that this excessive high density development brings nothing but misery.

CALA Homes 09.10.2002 - CALA HOMES' anticipated Material Deliveries and Distribution for the different phases of Construction, Internal Fit-out and Landscaping
The figures for York Road lack definition on the number of loads and weight.

---> Warning: We tried to keep spreadsheet functions intact for this file, hence its volume of 750KB

CALA Homes 09.10.2002 - CALA HOMES' Revised (SECOND) Scheme of Works for the Demolition and Construction of Telephone House site, Royal Tunbridge Wells
The 1st scheme was refused on 9 September 2002. During the time residents filed their objections to the revision with TWBC, CALA Homes filed an appeal against refusal of the original scheme with the Planning Inspectorate.

asbestos October 2002 - What was removed from Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells, in February 2002
Did it involve illegal removal of asbestos?
Residents tried to find out and soon realised that authorities are reluctant to find answers.
Crest Nicholson, owner of the site during the incident says: "We took nothing from the building"
01.10.02 - CALA Homes proceeds in removing asbestos from the site despite the refusal of their Scheme of Works

TWBC 09.09.2002 - TWBC - Refusal of CALA Homes' (FIRST) Scheme of Works

THNA 18.08.2002 - THNA Representation to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Planning and Building Control Services regarding CALA Homes' Scheme of Works
THNA opposes the development in its present form and will continue to advertise the many flaws of its design. The Scheme of Works is not acceptable in its present form

THNA 13.08.2002 - Minutes of Meeting to consider CALA Homes' Scheme of Works

CALA Homes 24.07.2002 - The Scheme of Works for the Development (Demolition and Construction) of Telephone House site
The document was the base for an informal Meeting on 13.08.02 between represenatives of CALA Homes, TWBC officers, councillors and THNA. - The scheme was refused on 09.09.02

CALA Homes 07.06.2002 - Arthur Mann, Planning Director, CALA Homes, answers THNA's questions
What are your precise plans concerning demolition?
Have these been finalised yet?


THNA 06.06.2002 - Is the flow and pressure of mains sufficient enough for the development?
Low water pressure hampered firefighters efforts to save Reliance House.
THNA informs TWBC Head of Planning and Building Control, Nigel Eveleigh, of their concerns that South East Water and Southern Water might not have the capacity to cope with the excessive density of the new development

  • 05.06.2002 - THNA letter to Environmental Protection Team
    . . . how can you have failed to give us adequate and accurate answers to all the letters and e-mails that we have sent to you.
  • 07.06.2002 - TWBC reply
    Environmental Health is being consulted and is advising both Planning and the Developer accordingly.

letter 03.06.2002 - Resident's letter to Health and Safety Executive, Ashford Office
You told me that an Inspector had now been appointed; you phoned me to confirm that he is there to "dot the iís and cross the tís". I understood that to mean that those responsible for the demolition would have to abide strictly to the rules.

  • 27.05.2002 - THNA letter to the Chief Executive Rodney Stone:
    We note that none of our main concerns in connection with the demolition have been addressed in Patrick Arthurís [Building Control Surveyor] demolition notice
  • 30.05.2002 - TWBC reply
    The Council has decided that it will consult on the submitted Method Statement, when this has been submitted by CALA.

letter May 2002 - Residents' letters to TWBC - Building Control Surveyor
Residents thought it might be a good opportunity to inform Patrick Arthur, Building Control Surveyor, of their concerns.

TWBC 21.05.2002 - TWBC - Demolition Notice to CALA
The Building Control Surveyor informs occupiers of houses in York Road - but does not inform The Telephone House Neighbours Association.

  • 09.05.2002 - THNA letter to Environmental Services TWBC:
    The site remains exposed to anti-social behaviour; we look at its further deterioration and as you know, there is always the possibility of accidents in such an environment.
  • 05.06.2002 - TWBC reply
    This Service is currently involved in establishing a scheme of works for the demolition on redevelopment of the site so as to cause the minimal disturbance to the Local Residential area.

TWBC 23.04.2002 - Questions at Full Council - Cllr Leonard Price informs Members
In the preliminary Method Statement CALA Homes are not proposing to follow the conditions imposed by the Inspector.
In view of the many risks to the surrounding buildings, some listed, and residents' amenities; there is also the risk involved with the probable removal of the asbestos

THNA 15.04.2002 - THNA letter to CALA Homes regarding the preliminary Method of Works for the Demolition of Telephone House:
Arthur Mann, Land Director, admitted it would be more logical for traffic to go via Church Road

Method of Works March 2002 - The Preliminary Method of Works for Telephone House Church Road Tunbridge Wells
The Method of Works is part of the Health and Safety Plan, Method Statement and Risk Assessement for Demolition, Reclamation and Associated Works

developers Whom are we dealing with? - The developers of Telephone House

contents The Telephone House Neighbours Association informs on CALA Homes (South) Development:
CALA Group acquired the controversial planning permission for the high density development of Telephone House site, Church Road / York Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1.